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Daryl Ternowski, PhD

Registered Vancouver Psychologist #1672 | Vancouver Depression and Anxiety Counselling Services

Does anxiety diminish your quality of life?

Vancouver Psychologist Daryl Ternowski, PhD


I typically work with adults and older adolescents who are successful in many ways, but despite this don’t feel as good as they should. They decide to start counselling because they want to feel better, which often means feeling less anxious, more confident, and feeling more effective in relationships. While the circumstances that lead someone to make an appointment varies, there are a number of symptoms that many people identify with, including:

    Too much anxiety, panic, or worry

    Feeling depressed, which can be experienced as low mood, lack of energy, feeling stuck, irritable.

    Feeling bad about yourself, even though others might be surprised to hear that.

    Having frustrating or disappointing relationships. Some struggle with the feeling distant with those they are close to. Others struggle with being fearful and anxious around people that in reality they can see as safe.

    Feeling caught in past traumatic or upsetting experiences

    Struggling with ineffective coping. Common forms include using food, alcohol, excessive working, worry and avoidance. Often, people feel badly about their coping, but find it hard to change.



Counselling is a process of working together to figure out what’s creating your symptoms (e.g., anxiety, low mood) and then working to resolve them. Some examples of what people focus on in treatment include:

·      Developing new ways of coping with anxiety

·      Challenging negative self talk that makes you anxious and depressed

·      Resolving conflicted feelings, such as being able to feel healthy anger and be assertive with those you love

·      Working through past traumatic experiences and increasing your current sense of safety and calm

·      Grieving past painful experiences and losses

How I work

Since people have different reasons for coming to therapy, how we work together will depend on what it is you need help with.

Some of our work will focus on how you think and behave (an approach called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT). Changing the way you think and making concrete behavioral changes can often result in significant benefits. I believe that for most people to make the changes they want, therapy also needs to focus on addressing the emotions that cause anxiety, symptoms, and understandably tend to be avoided.  Therefore, beyond talking about your thoughts, our work will focus on helping you experientially work through the feelings that are causing you to be anxious and stuck. I will give very specific feedback regarding the mechanisms that keep you stuck, to empower you to see them on your own so that you can change. This kind of counselling is called Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. 

In order to make sure we use our time together as effectively as possible, we will look at specific examples of what is causing you distress so that we can get a very clear sense of the problem. I find that working this way helps people get better more quickly. Most people have a clear sense within a few sessions if we’re on the right track, so you don’t have to wait a long time to know that therapy is working.

The Benefit

After participating in counselling, people often experience feeling calmer, happier, and are better at coping. People describe being able to experience their feelings without getting anxious or overwhelmed by them. People also describe feeling better about themselves, and being able to experience others more accurately and having more satisfying relationships. Ultimately we are working to help you change the way you relate to your feelings, so that after therapy, when symptoms like anxiety or worry come up, they are no longer confusing and seemingly random and you can work through them on your own.

About Me


I’m a Registered Vancouver Psychologist, and have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC. As part of my training, I completed an American Psychological Association accredited internship at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, USA. I have worked and trained in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, hospital treatment programs, and correctional institutions. Since completing my PhD, I have worked for almost 10 years in Private Practice and hospital based treatment programs. 


Why choose me as your Psychologist?

    I’m compassionate, non-judgmental, and people feel safe talking with me.


    I’m well trained and I’m committed to the work I do. I continue to regularly invest in improving my skills through additional training. The benefit for you is that my clinical and academic background, doctoral research (evaluating psychotherapy treatment), professional work experience, and ongoing continued education, helps me accurately assess what’s troubling you, and effectively work with you to make things better.  I focus on integrating what we know from empirical research in psychology and translating it into practice.


    I’m a Registered Psychologist based out of Vancouver, BC (#1672). Being a member of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, the regulatory body for psychologists, means that you can be assured of my professional training and the ongoing high quality of the care that I offer.



Suite 300 601 West Broadway Vancouver, BC 

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Street parking is available on Ash Street, and West 8th. There is also parkade parking available at 601 West Broadway, and can be accessed from Ash Street. 



Cyclists may park their bikes in the parkade, just past the attendant.



601 West Broadway is conveniently located one block west of the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line Station (located at the intersection of Cambie Street and West Broadway). 


I charge $190 per 50-minute session, and $285 for a 75-minute session.

In some cases Extended Health Benefit plans cover psychological treatment by a registered psychologists and you may be eligible to submit your receipts for reimbursement. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, cheque, and cash.



Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

No. Appointments can be made by calling 604-219-0381.



Are treatment sessions confidential?

Information shared in therapy will not be communicated to others except in certain exceptional circumstances. Some of these include: 

if a person presents an imminent danger to self or others the law require that steps be taken to prevent such harm;

 if a child is in need of protection a report must be filed with the appropriate agency or authority;

 if a vulnerable adult is abused or neglected a report may be filed with the appropriate government agency; 

if a court orders the disclosure of records.


How long is the waitlist for an appointment?

An initial appointment can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks, though this time varies. 

Please contact me for more information about availability of appointments.


What are your hours?

My first appointment time is 10 am, and last appointment is 6 pm. In some special situations I see individuals outside of these appointment times.


If you would like to take the next step, call me at 604-219-0381. I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation. While I am often not able to talk immediately, I do return calls promptly.

You may also schedule an appointment online:
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